To foster effective communication between Malaysia internet merchants and governing bodies with the aim to facilitate and promote global, regional, and local policy environments that enable the continuing evolution of an open Internet

To protect the interest of internet merchants & vendors in Malaysia

To share best e-commerce practices across the world by combining the experiences of the east and the west and communicating and sharing interest with other IMA across the globe

To facilitate rightful and accurate statistics & information about internet transactions in Malaysia

To create & promote cross-border trade between local and international members.

To establish a credible quality assurance standard that build trust and confidence for the industry, especially between e-commerce merchants & end user. Represented by a mark, it assures quality and professionalism in every part of e-commerce practice and service delivery. An example would be the e-Trustmark program from EU or Verified Gold supplier of Alibaba

To increase global recognition of Malaysia's internet merchants’ standard practices and code of conduct.